The main club, St Ives CC, has a “Win Bonus“ system for the adults, where if you win a race, you can apply for a prize.

Since these prizes don’t apply to anyone under 12, we have decided to have our own system, the St Ives Go Ride Participation and podium program, where we reward members for participating AND for achieving a podium place. A few Q & A are below:

That sounds brilliant! How does it work?

It will be a points based system as follows. You get

  • 1 point if you enter a race
  • 2 points if you come 3rd in a race
  • 3 points if you come 2nd in a race
  • 4 points if you win a race!

And what do points make?

Prizes! As you accumulate points, you win better and better prizes

  • 1 point – St Ives CC club membership for the year
  • 5 points – track mitts
  • 10 points – St Ives CC cap
  • 20 points – St Ives CC hoody
  • 30 points – St Ives CC cycling jersey

Wow. I’m excited! Where do I send my points?

We want to know what you have been up to so you just need to tell us about the race / races you entered. Simon has set up an online form and you just need to fill it in.

What age does this cover?

Anyone aged 14 or under (since above that, you can qualify for the main club win bonus systems). So you can continue to accrue Go Ride awards up until the end of the year when you become 14.

We hope this will encourage more riders to have a go at racing, irrespective of whether you think you will win or not!