Cyclocross – 8 October

Sam Trotter came first in the U16 boys category in the 3rd round of the Lincolnshire Cyclocross league in South Ormsby. Trotter took a definitive win after finishing  3:46 minutes faster than his closest rival.

The  St Ives CC girls claimed three 2nd places in the 5th round of the Eastern region cyclocross league at Ashwell. Ruby O’Dell came 2nd in the U10 girl’s race, sister Lilly O’Dell came 2nd in the U16 girls race and Orla Kenna came 2nd in the U12 girls race.

The club had more success at the first round of the National Trophy League in Derby. Beatrice Pauley came 8th in the U14 girls race after a sprint finish into the line and Sapphire Curtis came 13th in the same category. Cecilia Hime came 15th in the Junior female race after a crash on the 3rd lap.

At the 3rd round of the Central region cyclocross league at Leighton Buzzard, Dominic Pauley came 6th in the U12 boy’s race, Josh Ibbett was 12th in Senior Male race, Tim Phillips was 47th in the 40+ Male category.

At the 5th round of the Eastern Region cyclocross league Ralf Falkner was 4th in the U14 boys race, Nathan Gibson was 8th and Nick Hall was 9th in the Junior Male category, Sarah Kelman was 8th in the Womens race, Andy Fountain was 9th in the 50+ Veterans category,  Samual Smith was 10th in the U10 boys race, Max Falkner was 15th in the U16 boys race, Ollie Maynard was 16th and Angus Lawrence was 21st in the same category, Nick Smith was 39th, Leo Falkner was 44th and Ryan O’Dell was 66th in the 40 – 49 Veterans category.

Cyclocross – 16-17 September

The Club competed at 3 cyclocross events this weekend with the girls bringing home a hat trick of podiums.

At the 2nd round of the Eastern League at Push Sports MSG Cross at Langdon Hills in Essex the club claimed 2 podiums. Orla Kenna improved by one place to take 2nd in the U12 Girls race. Sapphire Curtis came 3rd for the 2nd week running in the U14 Girls race.

Andy Fountain had a strong race coming 4th in the 50+ Veteran race in a field of 53 riders.

Samuel Smith came 15th in the U10 Boys category, Ralf Falkner came 15th in the U14 Youth Boy category, Angus Lawrence came 17th in the U16 Youth Boy category, Max Falkner came 20th U16 Youth Boy category, Mick Curtis came 43rd in the 50+ Veteran race category, Nick Smith and Mike Hoy came 32nd and 33rd in the 40+ Veteran race and team mate Leo Falkner came 42nd in the same race.

At the 3rd round of the West Midlands Cyclocross League at Henley-in-Arden, Beatrice Pauley raced well on the tricky technical course to finish 3rd in the U14 girls race.

Nick Smith competed in the 1st event in the Leicestershire Cyclocross League at Corby coming 15th in the 40+ Veteran category.

Final round of MSG at Langdon Hills

At the 8th and last round of the eastern region MTB league, Mud Sweat and Gears, at Langdon Hills in Essex, St Ives CC achieved a bumper crop of podiums.

Ruby O’Dell came 1st in the U9 Girls race, Sam Trotter came 2nd in the Youth Male race and Sapphire Curtis came 3rd in the Juvenile Female race.

Orla Kenna came 6th in the U12 Girls race, Nathan Gibson came 16th in the Youth Male race after suffering a bad fall the day before, Mike Hoy came 54th in the Open Male race and Mick Curtis came 78th in the same category.

The following St Ives CC riders also achieved a podium spot for the series:

Ruby O’Dell came 3rd in the U9 category, Sapphire Curtis came 3rd in the Juvenile Female category, Orla Kenna came 3rd in the U12 category and Sam Trotter came 3rd in the Youth Boys category.

Cyclocross – 10 September

St Ives CC raced at 2 different cyclocross races today.

The club claimed 2 podiums at the first round of the Eastern Region League which was held at Springfield Cross in Chelmsford. Sapphire Curtis came 3rd in the U14 Girl’s category and Orla Kenna came 3rd in the U12 Girl’s category.

Ruby O’Dell came 5th in the U10 Girls category, Samuel Smith came 11th in the U10 Boys category, Ralf Falkner came 18th in the U14 Boys category, Max Falkner came 27th in the U16 Boys category, Lilly O’Dell came 6th in the U16 Girls category, Nathan Gibson came 8th in the Junior Boys category, Nick Smith came 52nd and Leo Falkner came 54th in the 40+ Veteran Male category and Andy Fountain came 15th in the 50+ Veteran race.

At the 2nd round of the West Midlands League at Erdington in Birmingham, Beatrice Pauley came 5th in the U14 Girls category and Dominic Pauley was 20th in the U12 Boys category.

Dave Nelson Memorial Hill Climb 2017

The Dave Nelson Memorial Hill Climb took place last night between Spaldwick and Barham with a record turn out of 27 riders. With marshals, photographers, club members and a number of relatives supporting, the attendance and atmosphere were the best I can remember, so thanks to all those who came along. Everyone got round safely, with most enjoying the event, although with that number of riders it might be wise to start just slightly earlier next year. As promised entry was free and prizes were awarded to riders in various age categories.

Congratulations to Jack Taylor and Holly Hoy who won the event. If Jack Taylors time of 3.06 is a not a course record then it must very close and its good to see another name added to the trophy. In joint second place both setting a time of 3.12 was Jack Burgin and Sean Purser. It’s hardly surprising they were so closely matched having finished together in fifth and sixth place in Sundays St Neots 2/3/4 Cat road race where together they broke away on the penultimate lap from a very high-quality field to catch and finish in the leading break. A superb ride once again from Tim Phillips who was the fastest veteran and only a few seconds further behind in 3.16. Holly Hoy finished in 3.43 which I think is the fastest time for a woman for quite some years. Holly’s time was also matched by both her father Mike and family friend Nathan. Julia Wardley-Kershaw and Sapphire Curtis were the joint second fastest women both with a time of 4.37. Bizarrely Sapphire’s time was also identical to her father Mick’s.

In some years the event has been run, a sub 3m30s would have been enough to win, but yet seven riders were quicker than that with 18 finishing in under 4 minutes. Further down the leaderboard there were a couple of performances that really stood out. Firstly 13 year-old Max, who put in a brilliant performance beating some older juniors and A group riders. To put that into prospective it’s incredible to think his time of 3.50 was within 10 seconds of Andrew and Mike who both regularly ride 24 minute TTs on Wednesday evenings!. Secondly Ralph, who may not be known to many members but is arguably the clubs most successful road racer at the moment. Aged 65 his time of 3.41 was similar or quicker than many riders 20 to 30 years younger. He often finishes very highly in the LVRC races and is virtually unbeatable in his age category at the MK Bowl race series most weeks, it was great to see him out competing. I think both Ryan and Cameron done really well and should be really pleased with they times they set compared to others.

Both Angus and Chris had pre race incidents, coming off their bikes, so I hope they are both OK and Steve’s run was badly hampered by a tractor pulling out in front of him and then blocking him when it turned into a field shortly after.

Thanks to the following who helped make this a success:

  • Starters: Colin Brooker & Paulo Falkner
  • Timekeepers: Sarah Hoy & Frank Burns
  • Marshals: Sharon Housden, Fiona Winter & Owen Rogers

Also thanks to Owen and Katie for taking photos on the night. These can be found at the links below:</p


1- Jack Taylor (24) 3.06 – Fastest male

=2 – Jack Burgin (31) 3.12

=2 – Sean Purser (17) 3.12 – Fastest 15 to 17

4 – Tim Phillips (47) 3.16 – Fastest 40 to 49

5 – Lee Desborough (47) 3.20

6 – Charlie Bratt (20) 3.21

7 – Nick Hall (16) 3.28

8 – Daniel Rigby (40) 3.38

9 – Andrew Knowles (31) 3.40

10 – Ralph Keller (65)3.41 – Fastest 60 to 65

11 – Bob Cooper (42) 3.42

=12 – Holly Hoy (16) 3.43 – Fastest women and 15 to 17

=12 – Mike Hoy (49) 3.43

=12 – Nathan Gibson (16) 3.43

15 – Max Falkner (13) 3.50 – Fastest 14 and under

16 – Ollie Maynard (14) 3.51

17 – Cameron Walker (16) 3.54

18 – Angus Lawrence (14) 3.56

19 – Ralf Falkner (12) 4.16

20 – Tony Cork (72) 4.26 – Fastest 70 plus

21 – Steve Purser 4.36

=22 – Julia Wardley-Kershaw (17) 4.37

=22 – Sapphire Curtis (13) 4.37– Fastest 14 and under

=22 – Mick Curtis (58) 4.37 – Fastest 50 to 59

25 – Lilly O’Dell (13) 4.44

26 – Ryan O’Dell (41) 4.50

27 – Chris Penney (66) 5.07