The club runs a chain gang on Saturday mornings at 8:00am (please see the Facebook or Strava groups for the latest information). The chain gang will generally take the following format:

1. If we get 8 riders or more, and riders with varying fitness, we will split the group in to hare & hounds; setting the hares off first with a time gap to the hounds depending on numbers and who’s present. This should encourage those of you that are worried about the CG’s speed a reason to turn up. We are not there to destroy riders confidence and want as many as possible to attend.

2. The meeting point is 7:45am at the cross roads at Kings Ripton, with the groups being decided and the hares being set off at 8:00am. The hounds will be set off with a time gap that should hopefully bring the two groups together on lap 4.

3. The standard TT triangular course we have been running for the past few months will be regular route for this year. Groups will warm up from the meeting point with the CG starting on the Wood Walton descent.

4. Groups are encouraged to ease off and regroup going down the Wood Walton hill and ease of and regroup at the bends when nearing and passing the refuse site at the top of Spiceland drag.

5. Stronger riders are encouraged to spend more time on the front, with weaker riders going through and off. If you are on a bad day, let the group know, go straight through and off, rather than using up the energy you do have and being dropped on lap 2/3.

6. On lap 4 once the group has passed the refuse site, the speed can be slowly ramped up. Please do not sprint off at this stage, rather trying to hold it together as a group at a higher average speed. If you want to sprint a mate, do this after the last right-hand bend in the woods.

7. If you have got a club jersey, please wear it so that we can be identified as a training group.

8. Any suggestions for the CG should be sent to Andy Fountain, Brian Stacey, Roland Ward or Kevin Hearn.