As a member of St Ives Cycling Club you can:

    • Order club kit
    • Take part in club time trials
    • Get discounts at local retailers

For more information contact Donna Hime, Membership Secretary, at

How to become a member

Simply complete the Membership Application Form 2018 and return it to the Membership Secretary with your payment.

Standard Membership

St Ives Cycling Club encourages active participation in all forms of cycling and organises a number of events to provide opportunities for competition. To qualify for Standard Membership of St Ives CC you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

    • be a new member
    • have assisted at 2 open events or 3 evening time trials during in the previous year
    • be a committee member for the current year of membership (or be assisting running the club with committee approval e.g. Go-Ride coaches)
    • have organised an event on behalf of St Ives CC during the previous year (including Go-Ride)
    • be a Life or Honorary member

Members who join after June must have supported the club on at least one occasion. Members under the age of eighteen are not required to assist at events in order to maintain their Standard Membership.

All members re-joining from previous years who do not qualify for Standard Membership simply pay a higher membership fee for the year.

Membership benefits

All members will receive the following benefits in 2018:

  • Entitlement to participate and compete in all club events and activities
  • Hire the club’s bike boxes

Discount at Grafham Cycles

  • 15% on bikes/frames
  • 20% on clothing/accessories.


  • Half price 60-minute injury consultations (usually £55)
  • £10 off every single appointment (only full price appointments and does not apply to offers)
  • Discounts on our Sports Movement Analysis package
  • Cover for friends and family.


  • For 1st Claim Members Only:
    • Entitlement to enter open events as a St Ives CC member
    • Entitlement to wear the club kit in competition
    • Eligibility for the club win bonus scheme